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Spracovanie frito oleja

Processing of deep-frying oil

The technological equipment used to process deep-frying oil is used in the production of MERA. Frying oil is actually vegetable oil degraded by frying and is of unknown origin and contains unknown impurities. The equipment serves to physically modify the frying oil and extract oil which is further processed in the production of MERA and wastewater (condensate), which is discharged into the sewer.
Treated frying oil can be used to make MERA at the recommended amount of max. 5 -10% of feed rapeseed oil.

Technology description

Contaminated frying oil is pumped from the intake vessel into a vibrating screen where mechanical impurities are collected. After the mechanical impurities have been removed, the frying oil is pumped to the distillation column for removal of water. The evaporated water is collected in the cooler where it is cooled and condensed in the vessel. The water condensate is drained from the container to the sewer. The purified frying oil is then pumped from the distillation column to the outlet vessel, where it is ready for further processing.

Modification of deep-frying oil, 4000t/year capacity, Croatia