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Odpadové minerálne oleje

Waste mineral oils

Coarse dirt is removed from the waste oil on vibration filters. The filtered oil is heated to 80ºC in a tubular dismantlable heat exchanger and moves on to a tricanter where oil, water, and coarse impurities are separated. The oil moves from the tricanter by gravity to the vessel, the water under pressure emerges from the tanks to the sewage treatment plant, and the coarse impurities are thrown over the conveyor belt onto the automotive container, which is transferred to the landfill. The oil from the tank is passed through the filter and the pump to the dismantlable plate recuperative exchanger, where it is heated to 125°C and continues to a tubular dismantlable heat exchanger where it is heated to 145°C using steam. The heated oil then enters the evaporator where, with the aid of vacuum, the water is extracted from the oil through the cyclone. The oil from the evaporator is pumped through the recuperative heat exchanger, where it is cooled to 100°C and goes into the treated oil output vessel.

Modification of waste mineral oil, 900l/hour capacity, Slovakia